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Shagbark’s Cornbread Minis are like the little sister to our Original Tortilla Chips, imparting a flavor like the sweet crust of homemade cornbread. Great in soups and chili, delicious with hummus and soft cheese. We've been told that they've been crumbled over vanilla ice cream or served with milk as a breakfast cereal. When Whole Foods reopened their Upper Arlington store in Columbus, Ohio, our Minis were the number three grocery item, and remain among the top sellers.

Shagbark Cornbread Minis are made with organic dent corn grown by Chris Clinehens and daughter Ginger at Clinehens Organic Farm in Shelby County, Ohio. Made in small batches every two weeks, along with Shagbark's Cornbread Minis, and our Black BeanTortilla Chips, we make our Minis with a combination of whole corn meal and corn masa, which is made by first soaking the corn overnight in a solution of water and rock-lime. This solution is the ancient method called, “Nixtamal”, which turns the corn into a delicious superfood by beginning the digestion process and unlocking corn's niacin and other nutrients, making them more bioavailable.

Ask for them at your favorite grocery store, restaurant, or cafeteria!

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Available in retail packs at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday, Giant Eagle Market District Stores and at grocers and restaurants throughout the region, including Ohio and all Mid Atlantic Whole Foods Markets. You can also to our map HERE to search by product or location

And if you are a grocer, school cook, restaurant, or distributor interested in our case quantities or bulk options, click on the link that describes you best to reach our staff directly.

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