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Shagbark’s Original Tortilla Chips are known across the region for their unmistakably rich corn flavor, along with the hardiness that allows them to stand up to the thickest salsas or guacamole. In the opening week of the Upper Arlington Whole Foods store in Columbus, Ohio, Shagbark’s Corn Tortilla Chips were the number one selling grocery item and still remain among their top sellers.

Shagbark chips are made the traditional way, by soaking whole corn overnight in a solution of water and rock-lime. This ancient method is called, “Nixtamal”, which turns the corn into a delicious superfood that unlocks corn's niacin and other nutrients, making them more bioavailable. Laperla Tortilla Factory, in Toledo, Ohio, starts with organic hybrid dent corn grown by Chris Clinehens and daughter Ginger at Clinehens Organic Farm in Shelby County, Ohio. Our chips are made in small batches every two weeks, along with Shagbark's Corn Bread Cracker Minis, and Black Bean & Corn Chips.

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Available in retail packs at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday morning or go HERE to search by product or location.

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