Retail: 2 lb.
Food Service: 15 and 25 lb.

More American than Apple Pie

Cornmeal was first made by the indigenous peoples of North America, who introduced it to European colonists baked with salt and water. As a medicine, cornmeal was used for poultices, and infused for stomach problems. Spanish colonial cooks made bannock, hoe cake, or johnnycake, from the word, jonakin, (which was derived from the word "jannock,"), from a stiff dough. Johnnycake was the name given by enslaved Africans, who used cornmeal to make that recipe.

We freshly grind our Certified Organic Heirloom Cornmeal on a stone mill to retain its superior flavor and nutrition. Corn is also a good source of vitamin C and manganese. Grown in Ohio by Tom Klein, our cornmeal is made from Wapsie Valley heirloom corn. We never use GMO varieties, which is among the requirements for Organic Certification.

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Available in retail packs at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday morning and served at these restaurants.

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Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Wapsie Valley Corn
Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Wapsie Valley Corn