Retail: 8 oz.
Grocer Wholesale: 12/8 oz.
Food Service: 3 and 5 lb.

Our Spelt Pasta has a smooth texture and nutty flavor that's going to be your favorite! Spelt not only has less gluten than wheat, which makes a pasta that's quite unlike the sticky whole wheat pastas on the grocery shelf, but it's also packed with B vitamins, complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Our small-batch spelt pasta is easy to store, easy to prepare, and easy to digest. And it cooks in just three minutes!

When we partnered with the good folks at Crumbs Bakery to create this recipe, we never looked back. Crumbs is a worker-owned cooperative two doors down from Shagbark, well known for their breads, pastries, and cookies throughout the region.

How to Buy

For Your Home Pantry (Retail packs)

Available in retail packs at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday morning and at these locations

For Grocers, Restaurants, Schools, Cafes, CSAs, and Distributors

Simple Ingredients

Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Oberkülmer Spelt
Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Oberkülmer Spelt