Retail: 2 lb.
Food Service: 15 and 25 lb.

Our Organic Spelt flour is an excellent choice for quick breads, cookies, pasta, and sourdough. It lends a sweet, nutty flavor and far less gluten than commercial wheat. Many people who have trouble with wheat are able to enjoy spelt without issue, perhaps because of its improved digestibility and lower gluten content than other bread wheats.

For commercial bakers and chefs, a wide range of custom flour siftings are available upon request for your exact needs for pretzels, pie crusts, cookies, pasta, and pastries and sourdough and quick breads and pancakes.

How to Buy

For Your Home Kitchen (Retail packs)

Available in retail packs at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday morning and at these locations! You may also mail order from Shop Athens County and Laura’s Mercantile.

For Grocers, Restaurants, Schools, Cafes, CSAs, and Distributors

Simple Ingredients

Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Oberkülmer Spelt
Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Oberkülmer Spelt