Retail: 2 lb.
Food Service: 15 and 25 lb.

Much more flavorful than industrial cream of wheat, our Cream of Spelt Cereal imparts spelt’s sweet, buttery flavor, and superior nutritional value, in a cereal that cooks in less than a minute!

Spelt contains more protein, fats and crude fibre than wheat and also has large amounts of Vitamin B17 (anti-carcinoma). It also contains special carbohydrates which play a decisive role in blood clotting and stimulate the body’s immune system so as to increase its resistance to infection.

Shagbark Spelt Cereal is for your grandchildren, your grandparents, and everyone in between!

How to Buy

For Your Home Kitchen (Retail packs)

Available in retail packs at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

For Grocers, Restaurants, Schools, Cafes, CSAs, and Distributors

Simple Ingredients

Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Oberkülmer Spelt
Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Oberkülmer Spelt