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While we do not ship our fresh masa (or tortillas), information about ordering for pick ups at the mill can be done by contacting us at orders@shagbarkmill.com

The aroma and flavor of our fresh masa are rich and authentic, and the dough can be used for homemade tortillas, tamales, pupusas, and many other Latin American dishes. Our fresh corn masa dough is made from the same Ohio-grown, Organic corn as the tortilla chips and crackers, and made the traditional way, by soaking the corn overnight in a solution of water and limestone. This solution is the ancient method called, “Nixtamal”, which turns the corn into a delicious superfood by beginning the digestion process and creating a chemical reaction that unlocks the niacin and other nutrients, making them more bioavailable.

You may be accustomed to making tamales and tortillas from masa harina, which is a dehydrated and powdered form of masa dough that needs to be rehydrated. It’s rare to find masa harina that is made from Ohio-grown, Organic corn, let alone finding fresh masa dough, made the old fashioned way! If you ever find your way to Athens, find the Nixtamalized Food Cart at the Farmers Market, for fresh tamales and tortillas made from our masa!

Kokis Tortillas in Columbus, Ohio, brought their expert food production skills to develop the Shagbark recipe using our organic hybrid corn without preservatives. They make Shagbark tortillas and fresh masa every Monday.

Try These Great Masa Recipes!

Nixtamalized Tamales
Shagbark Tamales

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Like all our beans, popcorn, and most of our milled products, our masa (and fresh tortillas) are available in both bulk food service packs and retail cases. Our masa is available in retail cases with 12 2lb bags, as well as 5# bags for food service. Just click on the link below that best describes you to reach our staff directly.

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While we do not offer our masa through mail order,You can order both our fresh masa and tortillas for your home pantry and pick up at the mill by contacting us at orders@shagbarkmill.com Also available in 2 pound retail packs at the Seaman's Grocery in Athens!

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