Buckwheat Flour is a gluten free choice for pancakes, cookies, and breads, as well as crepes. It's a great source of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids, vitamin E and almost the entire B complex spectrum, making it a nutritional powerhouse!

We freshly grind our Certified Organic Buckwheat Flour on a stone mill to retain its superior flavor and nutrition.

For commercial bakers and chefs, a wide range of siftings available upon request that will meet your recipe requirements for pancakes, pasta, pastries and crepes.

Other Ways to Buy

Available in retail packs at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday morning or go HERE to search by product or location.

And if you are a grocer, school cook, restaurant, or distributor interested in this or any of our other products, click on the link that describes you best to reach our staff directly. All milled products, beans, and popcorn are also available in 15 and 25 pound bulk for food service.

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