Heirloom corn is thought to have originated in Meso America more than 6000 years ago. This beautiful heirloom corn has roots in Iowa in the mid 1800's. The 7-10 foot stalks bear ears of rich golden kernels, and some of russet red. The rich mix of yellow, red, orange, and purple delight the eye and indicate the abundance of rich flavors and nutritive qualities. Ed Snavely and Tom Klein, both Ohio organic farmers, have told us that they can put a pile of hybrid corn on one end of the pig run, and a pile of the Wapsie Valley on the other, and when they let the pigs in, they don’t even look at the hybrid corn until every kernel of Wapsie is gone. They know what’s good for 'em! Our Organic Wapsie Valley Heirloom Corn (non-gluten), is grown at Tom & Mary Klein and Sons Organic Farm. The Kleins never use GMO varieties, as is required to be Certified Organic.

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