Originally cultivated on the Tibetan Plateau around 6000 BC, buckwheat is the world’s highest elevation domesticate. It is not actually wheat, or a grain at all. It is related to rhubarb and sorrel, but since its seeds are eaten like grain, it is called a pseudocereal. A distinctive, earthy-sweet flavor accompanies the exceptionally complete protein composition of buckwheat. Favored in Macrobiotic diet practice, buckwheat single-handedly provides the nutritional balance of eating beans and grains together in a meal, and it is also the most alkalizing of all grain-type foods. Before corn was brought to Europe, Roman soldiers ate polenta made from buckwheat (or barley). It has been an important staple all over the world, since its emergence from Southeast Asia. Buckwheat is also an excellent cover crop for farms, and it’s great for bees!

Grown at the Mark Beaver Organic Farm. Beavers never use GMO varieties, as is required to be Certified Organic.

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