Gateway to the Staple Foods Revolution!

When we call our chips our Gateway product, it’s no joke! They are Shagbark’s most popular product, simply the best chips you’ve ever tasted, but there’s so much more! Once you try them, you’re eating your way to our other Ohio-Grown and -Made Products and to becoming a food activist – and that’s just the beginning!

You'll discover that Shagbark is all about Ohio's staple foods. Chips and Crackers, yes, but also pasta, tortillas, popcorn, dry beans, and a wide array of freshly stone-milled heirloom crops for unrivaled flavor and nutrition.

We work with organic family farms where crop rotations support the soil health that result in the superior flavor today's cooks are craving. From rich, sweet, flavorful heirloom corn meal, grits, and polenta, to fine pastry spelt, ancient Ukraine wheat, and buckwheat flours, to hearty hot breakfast cereals, and dry beans, Shagbark products will revolutionize your recipes!

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