Retail: 2 lb.
Food Service: 15 and 25 lb.

A fast cooker at less than a minute, our rustic organic Buckwheat makes a delicate hot cereal or polenta. It's smooth and satisfying, and its alkaline quality is immediately recognizable to the palate. Since buckwheat is not a cereal, it is considered acceptable for consumption during Hindu fasting days, when cereals like wheat or rice are prohibited. Prepare it thick or thin, sweet or savory- a great way to start a great day and a great main or try it with roasted peppers, garlic, and olive oil as a side dish for your dinner menu!

Buckwheat is a great source of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids, vitamin E and almost the entire B complex spectrum, making it a nutritional powerhouse! Its great nutritional properties and a rise in the number of people choosing a gluten-free diet make Buckwheat

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For Your Home Kitchen (Retail packs)

Available in retail packs at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

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Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Buckwheat
Organic Stone Ground Heirloom Buckwheat